Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy dance - it's FRIDAY! And a three day weekend, which is extra awesome!  Let's see what my Friday Favorites are this week.

First up, Wimbledon.  Let's go back 9 years.  I had never watched a single game of tennis on TV before, let alone an entire match!  And then Aiden was born.  We were shell shocked, scared of our own shadows and afraid to leave the house.  My soaps weren't on TV because Wimbledon was.  And so, with nothing else to watch, we learned the game of tennis.  And Rafael Nadal (a.k.a.Rafa) became my favorite player of all time!  Every year ever since that first fateful one (ha ha!) we have watched Wimbledon, along with other tennis tournaments.  And so, this week with Wimbledon on, it is one of my favorites. And I am sad because I watched my dear Rafa lose yesterday afternoon.  Boo hoo!

Water Pressure.  This one sounds funny but it's not.  I am dead serious.  My favorite this week is water pressure.  Our little town has been working on installing new water mains for the last 2 or 3 years. This summer it's our end of town's turn.  For the last 2 weeks we have intermittently not had water. They have given us a day or 2 notice that such and such a day we won't have water all day.  So for this week that day was supposed to be Tuesday.  Then Wednesday morning we got up - Andy and the boys took showers, then I loaded the washing machine full of clothes and Tate's one and only snuggle blankie.  I pulled the knob and no water pressure.  A little water was trickling out but it wasn't enough to fill the tub.  Over the course of the next 2 hours I would go back and retry, eventually getting the tub half way full.  Finally I checked Facebook and saw our city clerk had posted that the main had broken and they were working quickly to fix it.  Yesterday afternoon STILL no pressure.  I contacted the clerk and she said they had to send out for parts so it was a tad delayed.  Meanwhile Snuggle Blankie was soaked and stuck in the washing machine, and Tate was having a bad day which means he really needed that poor blankie.  I left here at 4:00 Wednesday with instructions to Andy to pull all of that wet and not washed laundry out of the machine and take it to town to get it washed if by 5:00 the water wasn't fixed so Tate would have his blankie for bed that night.  We never regained pressure Wednesday.  Thursday morning, Andy went to take a shower and still no pressure, which means no shower.  We both washed our hair under the faucet with the water piddling out.  So dang frustrating!  *I'm writing this at 2:00 Thursday afternoon and we STILL do not have pressure.  My heart can't handle this!

Girl's Night Out.  Who doesn't love a good GNO?  Wednesday night I went to the big city with some of my friends for supper and a movie.  We met at Olive Garden by the mall and I stuffed my face with that deliciously amazing salad!  And then I ate a little of my chicken parmesan so I could bring the rest home for lunch Thursday.  :)  Then we all went over to the mall theater to watch Magic Mike XXL.  Girls, I have to say I think it was better than the first one!!!  There might have been less dancing (gasp! How dare they!) but the story line was better - not so serious (you know, the whole drug thing).  Loved it!  Laughed and giggled and held my breath, ha ha!  A great GNO movie!

And my most FAVORITIST FAVORITE of the week -- quiet times with my little guy.  *sigh* He just melts my heart.  He threw his loopy toy (what do you call these?) up on the couch, than grabbed his Snuggle Blankie and crawled up beside me while I was reading blogs on the laptop.  He snuggled that sweet blankie up on his lap just so then pushed the little beads all around and made motor sounds.  Again, *sigh*, heart melting.  :)

What's everyone doing for the 4th?  I hope you have fun celebrating our country's Independence Day!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My New Camera Lens!

About 2 years ago I got a DSLR camera, the Canon Rebel T3.  I have loved this camera from the minute I started using it!  It takes awesome pictures!  My only complaint was that the lens didn't zoom in enough when I was taking pictures at the boys' sporting and school events.  They look like tiny ants when they're out on the field or up on the stage.  Because of this I have been wanting a lens that will really zoom in and still take nice pictures.  I couldn't justify the price for one of these lenses after having just spent the money on this camera.

About 2 weeks ago I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get my lens.  I was shocked to see how much the prices had dropped!  My camera is now 'old', they are up to the Canon Rebel T5, so anything to do with my T3 is much less expensive.

I ordered the lens and it came on Friday, right after Aiden's last baseball game. Darn!  I hurried up and unloaded the package and snapped that baby on to my camera!  I just wanted to take a few test shots with it, see what I could do with it in a few clicks.  I stepped out onto  my back deck steps, looked around and decided to take a picture of my coneflowers.  When I pulled the camera up to my eye at the end of my lens was a beautiful butterfly (or moth?) resting on them!  Here are the pictures I took.

Can you see in the last picture his white 'tongue' sticking out, sucking the nectar out of the flower?!?  How cool is that? And I captured it!!!  I was so thrilled, I came running in to the house to put the pictures on my computer and show Andy.  So excited to use this lens!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Aiden's 9th Birthday!

It's official, folks - I HAVE A NINE YEAR OLD!!!

He's a goof ball, for sure!

Not sure how we went from this... this?

Aiden has always been the happiest boy.  It's hard to bring this guy down but he does have a tender heart.  He LOVES Legos and spicy food.  Aiden is an awesome big brother and he always give 100% when on the ball field - whether that's baseball, football, soccer or the basketball court!  He's very helpful around the house and with Tate.  His best friend, the one person he would spend all of his time with, is his dad.  He likes movies and playing the Wii or on his tablet, but he also likes to play board games with Brennan, such as Twister and Battleship.  Aiden is super active, likes being outside, playing basketball in the driveway or football in the yard.  I feel so lucky to call Aiden my son.  He is quite the chatterbox, rivals even me!  I love this boy so much, he makes my heart happy!


Sunday we had his birthday party with our family.  We had quite the spread of food.  Everything served was requested by Aiden, and a lot of it was spicy!

We had little smokies in BBQ sauce, hot wing, meat sticks, bologna and cheese, jalapeno poppers, Cheetos Puffs, Cheetos Xtra Flaming Hot chips, olives, watermelon, lemonade and water.  There was a ton of food!  And Aiden took only 3 things, ha ha!

Instead of having birthday cake, Aiden asked for Worms in Dirt.  If you don't know what this is, you just crush up Oreos, put some in the bottom of a cup, pour in semi-set pudding (I used vanilla and chocolate), cover with more crushed Oreos and add in a gummy worm or two (or more!).  We used regular gummy worms and sour gummy worms - Aiden likes sour things, too!  They were a big hit!  I love birthday cake but it's been fun this year having pie for Brennan's birthday and now Worms in Dirt for Aiden's.

After we all stuffed ourselves and the kids burned off some more energy playing ball outside we all gathered in the living room to watch Aiden open his gifts.  He received a Lego set and the DVD set of all 3 Sandlot movies (fitting after his fun baseball season!).  My niece and nephew each gave him a gift - Nora gave him a funny game that is a monkey that moves around the floor and you have to throw rings onto his tail, it's quite challenging! And Charley gave Aiden a truck that pulls a trailer with a boat.  Both kids were cleaning out their rooms and wanted to share their goodies with Aiden, so sweet!  He also was given money - he has been saving for a big Lego set, I think he made it with all of this birthday money!  Andy's brother got creative with the money - just look at this!

This morning, Aiden's actual birthday, he requested his favorite breakfast - French Toast!  Coming right up, Buddy!  We let the boys pick out what they want for supper on their birthday's so Aiden has chosen to go to Buffalo Wild Wings - this boy and his hot wings! :)  This afternoon his friend is coming over to hang out for a bit.  My guess is they'll play football in the yard.

I think Aiden is having a wonderful 9th birthday!  Here's to many, many MANY more!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday morning!

Another busy weekend around these parts.  Last night Andy said "It doesn't even seem like we had a weekend."

Saturday morning we all headed to town to meet my folks at the grocery store where they took Brennan home with them for the weekend.  At the end of May I asked the boys what they wanted to do this summer. Brennan's first answer was "stay the night at Papa and Mama's all by myself."  Done! I called up my mom and we picked a weekend.  Of course he had to take his farming clothes and muck boots, they were going to put him to work!  Bren told my mom that he wanted to help Papa work on the farm so he was super pumped to be out there helping them out.  They brought him back home yesterday afternoon when they came for Aiden's birthday party, I could tell they had worn him out!  He was so happy to be home with all of us again but you could just tell he had himself a great time! Who doesn't love getting 100% of the attention from their grandparents all weekend long?

While Bren was gone, the rest of us made yet another trip to Menards for basement remodel supplies. This time we got the heated floor mat that will go under the tile in the bathroom, insulation and a few odds and ends.  We grabbed some treats at the gas station before heading back home.  Once home, we worked in the yard - mowing, trimming, tilling the garden, cutting a few trees out of the bushes, etc.  We got all cleaned up, headed in to town for church, then came home for the evening.  It was a busy day, I slept good that night!

Sunday we cleaned the house for Aiden's party and I worked on the food.  I love having snacks and appetizers for the food instead of a sit down meal, but wow - it's still a lot of work!  I'll dedicate a whole post to Aiden's party on Tuesday, his 9th birthday!  Stay tuned for that.

To end our weekend, after Aiden's party we all headed over to the ballfield for Bren's last game of the season.  He rocked it, again!  He had awesome hits, tagged quite a few kids out and even caught a pop fly!  He was so proud, loved seeing that pride on his face!  He absolutely loves baseball, I think he's bummed it's over for the year!

This little daredevil!  He's going to give me gray hairs! At one point he had both toes stuck in the fence and was completely off the ground!

Since everyone was here for Aiden's party most of them came over to watch Bren's game.  My niece and nephew, caught them in a funny/serious look. :)

After the game we came home, picked up the mess, Andy took the trash and recycling to the curb and then we relaxed for the next 20 minutes until it was time for the boys to head to bed.  They needed a normal bedtime after the busy weekend we had!

Ready for a new week! Going to be a short one - Andy gets Friday off for the 4th of July, hoping to get some insulation hung in the basement since the electricians are coming tomorrow!  Finally moving along again!

How was your weekend?

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites

My list is short this week but these 2 Friday Favorites are keepers!

Ha ha ha!!! This cracked me up, had to share!

This 'recipe' for a shower cleaner has been floating around Facebook for awhile now but I finally thought I'd give it a try.  I am so glad I did!  It kicked soap scum butt!  We all used to use poufs with shower gel but a few months ago Andy and the boys switched back to bar soap.  The soap scum started building up.  My regular store bought cleaner wasn't cutting through it. Then I started using an all-natural product by Ava Anderson.  It worked awesome!  I loved it!  But it's so dang expensive, to have 2 bottles shipped to me was $25!  I couldn't justify that (even though their products are GREAT and AMAZING and super safe for you and your kids).

Just as my bottle was about to run out I saw this recipe and decided to give it a try.  I'm so glad I did!  It's equal parts vinegar and blue Dawn dish soap, so common items I had in the house and nothing (too) dangerous to be breathing in as a pregnant gal or for little boys who like to follow Mommy around like a shadow.  Don't get me wrong, it was a tad strong smelling from the vinegar, but I just ran the exhaust fan the whole time and it wasn't a big deal.  So, you warm up the vinegar than combine the two in a good spray bottle.  Mix it up, it'll be thick, then spray it on your shower.  Let it sit for 60-90 minutes then just rinse it off.  Seriously, just rinse it off!  Now, I'm a tad weird so I did still run my sponge over the shower just to be sure I was getting off the scum.  This made the Dawn suds up more than if I'd just rinsed it but that wasn't a big deal, it still rinsed off easily and went down the drain.  Now my shower is super shiny and clean!  And with minimal scrubbing, not like I had to do with the store bought cleaner.  I hope you give it a try, it worked awesome!

Hope you have an awesome weekend, see you back here Monday for Weekend Rewind!

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