Friday, December 19, 2014

‘Tis the Season!


‘Tis the Season for school Christmas programs!



‘Tis the season for adorable little boys getting all dressed up! (OMG, my heart sang when I saw this awesome pic I captured of my guys! <3 )


‘Tis the season for nasty colds, influenza A and croup (had by Aiden and Brennan, Andy, and Tate in that order).

‘Tis the season for having babies!  My sweet cousin had baby “Mighty” Max Wednesday morning and my dear friend, Nici, had baby Kellen yesterday!  Welcome to the world little boys!

‘Tis the season for Andy’s birthday, which is Monday, and I can’t wait to spoil him rotten!  I already tried giving him his presents, twice, but he’s so good he refused both times!

‘Tis the season for Dynamite.  I’ll do a wrap up of all his hiding spots after Christmas.


‘Tis the season for wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!  And Happy Hanukah to all you Jewish readers (are there any? Mazeltov (sp?) if there are!)!!!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Favorite Christmas Movies and Shows


One of our favorite Christmas traditions is watching Christmas themed movies and TV shows together as a family.  Every year we watch the same ones as the year before and the year before that.  We watch them in a different order every year but we never skip watching one.  We have added a couple of newbies to our list in recent years, which is not normal for me because I am big on the traditional favorites and don’t usually like new cartoon-ey shows.

Here’s a list of our favorite Christmas TV shows:

Xmas show collage

Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, HGTV’s White House Christmas, and Prep & Landing.  But my most most MOST favorite Christmas show of all time is …


A GARFIELD CHRISTMAS!!!!  You can’t find this gem on TV anymore but a few years ago I was lucky enough to find a DVD with this show AND Garfield’s Thanksgiving and Halloween on it!  Talk about one of my most prized possessions!  The other shows I am fine watching just once a year, but this gem?  It’s watched over and over again!

We have way too many Christmas movies on our list of ‘must watch’ every year.  But how do you remove one from the list?  We are still working our way through the list – one week left to get them all in!

xmas movies

It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, Scrooged, Holiday Inn, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Polar Express.  I hate to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose only one to watch I think it would be …

white christmas

White Christmas! Love love this movie!

That is my Christmas ‘must watch’ list, what is on yours?


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Monday, December 15, 2014

Tate Lately // 10 Months Old



Tatie Tot, you cute little baby you, I can’t believe you are 10 months old already! 

You are still such a happy little guy, always babbling and chattering along, laughing along with me when I laugh.  You’re new thing is bouncing up and down when you are standing up and holding on to something.  I say you are dancing to the music in your head. 

You have mastered walking behind the walker.  It’s a fast little buggy and you practically have to run to keep up sometimes.  For most of the month you would holler for some help when you would get it ‘stuck’ against a wall or couch or something, but over the last 2 days you have figured out how to ‘unstick’ yourself and keep on a movin’.  You used to be nervous about getting on the wood flooring but now you cruise carpet and wood.

2 weeks ago we had your 9month check up, you weighed 26lbs 4oz and were 30 3/4” tall.  Still at or above the 97th percentile!

You wear all 18 – 24mo clothes and size 4 diapers.  I just bought you new shoes, they are size 5’s. 

I swear you are saying ‘Santa’ now, although I’m not sure if I’ll write it down as your first word or not.  It’s not very clear but definitely mimics the sounds I make when saying it. And speaking of Santa, you LOVE all the Christmas decorations!  Every time we go back to bed for naps or bedtime we stop at the Christmas tree in the front room and say “ooo, pretty!” and then you smile at it and look at it with such big, wondrous eyes.  It’s adorable and is making Christmas that much more fun for me.


This I love!  You lodge your little toes up under your high chair tray when you eat!  It must be comfortable for you because you do it every time!

We are working on getting you to really take a sippy cup.  You’ll take a few drinks from it but you won’t just settle in and drink from it like you do a bottle.  And as far as bottles go you had been finishing them finally but are now back to always leaving a half ounce or so behind.  We are starting to cool the temperature of your bottles down since whole milk is in our near future and will be cold out of the fridge.

You like almost everything I feed you, except the Gerber Toddler meals – those you have refused both time I’ve tried them.  You love fruit and green beans are hands down your favorite vegetable.  We tried scrambled eggs and a hard boiled egg this past weekend and you snarfed those down lickity split so I think it’s safe to say you love those, too. 

Although you have not taken any steps by yourself yet you are definitely feeling more comfortable not holding on with a death grip anymore.  I caught you letting go of what you are holding on to as you lower yourself to the floor a few times now, I’m thinking standing alone will be coming soon.

I am super excited to see what you think of Santa, we’ll be meeting him in person soon.  And I can’t wait to see how you react to all the chaos of Christmas!  You are going to make this Christmas so much fun!

All my love,


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Monday, December 8, 2014

Another One for the Record Books


Whew, what a GREAT weekend!!!  OMG, this one was so super great!  Lots of family, friends, food and laughter – perfection!

It all started Saturday when Andy and Aiden left bright and early to go Christmas shopping for me.  Yippee! Ha ha!  Every year since he could drive Andy has loaded up his mom and they’ve headed off to the big city to go Christmas shopping.  This year Vickie had knee replacement surgery so Andy took Aiden along, too, so he’d have some company when Vickie’s knee was hurting and she needed a break.  Brennan, Tate and I, otherwise known as the Pea Pod, stayed home and made sugar cookies and just hung out watching Pioneer Woman and the Holiday Bakeoff Competition on Food Network.  Ho ho ho! 

That night was GNO for me!  I met up with 5 of my favorite girls and we piled into my car and headed off to the Christmas Tour of Homes in my hometown.  There were 5 houses on the tour this year, all great homes with fabulous decorations!  We oo’d and aw’d, secretly snapped a few pictures of ideas we wanted to steal and try at home then went out for supper afterwards.  Supper was great, we all stuffed ourselves and had a little gift exchange.  I was given a really pretty, soft infinity scarf and a cool picture holder that she found at a craft show.  We all left feeling fat and happy, what’s better than that?

While I was gone Aiden and Brennan decorated the cookies we had baked.  They used LOTS of frosting and LOTS of sprinkles. 


Somehow the mess was left for me to clean up when I got home that night, go figure!  But that’s okay because Andy was hiding in the basement wrapping my presents!

Sunday was our Marie family annual Tree Hopping afternoon.  This is something we came up with 21 years ago!  The aunts were all sitting around at Thanksgiving talking about how they go to all the effort to decorate for Christmas yet no one ever sees it. So we started Tree Hopping.  It’s a full afternoon of eating, looking at Christmas trees, talking, laughing, being with family and driving from house to house.  Seriously, the best time ever!  This year we went to 5 houses, spent about an hour at each house munching and chatting.  My one cousin is now vegan (she grew up on a farm, how did this happen?? LOL!), so she helped her mom make a bunch of vegan dishes.  They had Brussels sprouts, hot wing cauliflower, fruit pizza and a few other things I can’t remember.  OMG, it was all amazing!  Those cauliflower hot wings were to die for!!!  Tasted just like chicken hot wings!  Yum yum!

Anyway, it was the perfect afternoon and evening.  I love that the little kids (we call them the great-grandkids to differentiate between those grandkids and ‘us’ grandkids) all get along so well! No fighting between them, ever!  I could sit here and count out how many great’s there are for you but I don’t have the time – Tate needs a diaper change.  But yesterday there were 10 running around, all having a ball together!  Here are a few pics of people you don’t know but who I call family!


And a couple pics of my Tater Tot because I never could get a pic of the bigger kids playing since most of the time they were outside.


Already excited for and looking forward to this coming weekend!  Merry Christmas everyone!


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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What Would You Do?

I wasn't planning on posting today, mainly because I didn't have anything to say, but then I read my sweet friend Des' post and it reminded me of an incident I witnessed Saturday while shopping, and the question it had brought to mind, so I thought who better to ask this question of then all of you who will be honest and answer it truthfully for me. 

First, please go HERE and read Des' post so you can fully understand this.  Go ahead, I'll wait.


Ok, so after reading that you can see how frustrating it can be to keep our little ones happy in public places.  How many times have you witnessed a kid having a full-on meltdown with the poor parent standing there helpless with that mad, frustrated, OHMYGOSH CALGONTAKEMEAWAY look on their face?  I just saw this on Saturday.  It was about 5:00, at Wal-Mart at the end of my long day of shopping.  There was a family of 4, a mom, dad, preschooler and toddler.  The toddler was riding in the cart and he was throwing a grade A fit.  Crying, screaming, yelling at his parents (I'm hungry or whatever).  I could hear it before I could see it.  Now, I have to be 100% honest with you.  My kids have NEVER done this to me.  Never. Yes they have been a tad unruly in public, yes they have whined incessantly in public.  But they have never thrown a knock down drag out tantrum like this.  That doesn't mean I can't sympathize with these parents. So, I heard it before I saw it, but once I saw it I saw the 'look' on the mom's face, who was pushing the cart.  The dad was following dutifully behind dragging the preschooler with him.  They looked mortified and uncomfortable. 

My first thought was to stop them and tell them "hey, it's no big deal.  We've all been there, don't worry about it" because I know that feeling where you think everyone is looking, everyone is judging.  But I didn't go with my first instinct, instead I just sent a smile their way and said a little prayer for God to send them patience. 

My question is, how would you take it if some stranger came up to you and said a few words of understanding and comfort and encouragement to you in this situation?  Would you be offended?  Would it help you calm down?  Would it just be totally awkward?  I just felt like they needed that one person to say "it's ok, these times go by fast, remember the cute hugs and kisses that sweet little guy will give you tonight when you're tucking him into bed."  Something to just calm them down a little and make it a tiny bit less awful for them. 

What do you think?

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