Monday, July 28, 2014

Missing Out


Do you ever think about the things you have missed out on in your life?  For instance, for me one major thing I missed out on was college.  I went to cosmetology school.  It’s like a job in a salon before you even have the license.  No school Monday’s (most salons are closed Monday’s in these parts), a long day on Tuesday and Thursday, regular 8-5 day on Wednesday and Friday, then back at it Saturday morning until 2.  There’s no dorm life and the girls you ‘work’ with those 5 days a week get very catty and you don’t want to see them outside of school if you don’t have to.  I missed out on the whole ‘college experience’.  No dorm life, where you meet some of your very best friends that you’ll have the rest of your life.  No dorm parties.  No skipping class because you just don’t have it in you to go that day.  All that adventure of college life I will never get, ever.  I regret my decision to not go to a 4 year college every day of my life. 

There’s no going back, that I know, but it doesn’t make me think about it or miss it any less.  And you can be sure I will encourage my boys very heavily that they attend a 4 year school and don’t make the mistake that I did.

Then there’s the 1 thing I’m missing out on that there is nothing I can do about, regardless of any decisions I have made.  That 1 thing is having a daughter, a baby girl I can call my own, who I can dress up in pretty dresses and put bows in her hair whenever I feel like it.

Having a daughter is one thing I’ve always dreamed about.  I’ve dreamed of going shopping with her.  Of taking her for her first manicure and pedicure.  Helping her find her prom dress and wedding gown.  Sharing my love for Anne Of Green Gables and Laura Ingalls Wilder with her.  Painting her nails.  Braiding her hair.  Teaching her how to cook and bake and can vegetables, how to pot pretty flowers and grow vegetables her in garden for her family.  Watching girly movies with her – first Beauty and The Beast, then Sixteen Candles, then The Bridges of Madison County.

My dreams of my daughter and me together are endless.  I have had to grieve for my daughter, the one I never had and never will have, because she is so real to me.  Some days my heart breaks when I see other moms with their daughters, doing what I only dream, can only dream, of doing with mine.  Even though I feel excitement for other’s who are pregnant with their daughters it is always followed quickly by that sharp pang of grief.

In a million bajillion gazillion years I would NEVER trade in one of my boys for a daughter, NEVER.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t still ache for her and dream of her. 

What have you missed out on in your life?

A heads up – I am going to be cohosting a Fall Swag Swap!  I love these swaps, it’s such a great way to meet new bloggers and exchange fun gifts.  More details will be coming in August so keep an eye out for those!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

All Checked Out


Yesterday the boys and I had our semi-annual dental appointments.  Tater went with us, of course, and was overall a good little boy.  About mid-way through my cleaning he decided he was done with sitting in the car seat and I finished out my appointment with him sitting on my belly staring at my open mouth. 

The boys and I all got a clean bill of health – no cavities!  33 years old and not one cavity in my whole life!  A miracle since I used to drink Mt Dew daily.

After, it was Brennan’s Kindergarten Well Child Check up.  He weights 41.6lbs, which is the 50th percentile.  I missed how tall they said he was and forgot to ask later but do know that was the 50th percentile, too. 

He had to do the eye chart, where he covered one eye and went line by line telling what pictures he saw.  He passed that test with flying colors.

Then the doctor came in. She listened to his lungs, to his heart, looked in his eyes and ears, up his nose and into his throat.  She had him squat down, jump on one foot, walk on his tip toes and then on his heels.  He bent over at the waist and she checked his spine.  She asked him what his favorite fruit was (apple), favorite vegetable (carrot), what he wears when he rides his bike (his Spiderman helmet), then pointed to the pictures on the walls and asked what colors things were (nailed them all, but he nailed them when he went in before his preschool check up too).

After all this, the doctor gave Brennan a clean bill of health, then the nurse came in.  Bren had to get his finger pricked and a ton of blood squeezed out of it into a vial to test his hemoglobin level and for lead.  He did just fine with that.

The nurse left briefly to get a helper, then came back in to give Brennan 2 shots. I had warned him before this that there was a chance he’d need some shots, which of course totally freaked him out.  I told him how it wouldn’t hurt for very long and that he’d get 2 cool band aids over where the shots went in.  Yea right, like that’s going to make him alright with it!  We laid him back, I held his hand and the nurses pulled his shorts up to get to his thighs.  Then, 1-2-3-go, the countdown and then they stuck him.  He was crying before they even started because, as he told me, he was scared.  Then it was all over, it barely hurt and he got a Garfield and Wonder Woman band aid.  Yes, Wonder Woman.  Whatever, she’s an action figure/super hero, right?  Brennan told me it didn’t really hurt after all, which I told him I was going to remind him about when we go back for our flu shots in a couple of months.

Then we were done, free to go.  Brennan (and Aiden) got to pick out a prize from the treasure chest and a fruit snack package.  I’m so glad it was (mostly) painless! 

And now!  Brennan’s all ready to go to Kindergarten!  Less than 4 weeks till the first day of school for the boys, better get our school supplies bought!

Do you warn your kids about shots before the appointment, at the appointment or not at all?


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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Virtual 5k


My sweet friend, Des, from Macke Monologues, is co-hosting a virtual 5k.  For some reason I momentarily lost my mind and signed up. 

Des is hosting a link up for those who signed up where we can write down our plans on how we’re going to get ourselves ready for this 5k. 

Let me back up and tell you my ‘running story’.  About 2 years ago or so I started the Couch to 5k program.  I didn’t make it very far into it because 1.) I had shin splints like crazy and it took me a bit to get over those and 2.) I got pregnant.  Then I lost that baby at 21 weeks gestation. After healing from that a bit I decided to start the C25K program again. This time I had a treadmill and it made it so much easier on my legs.  I actually completed it! I felt so good. The first time after that (just a few days later) I jumped on the treadmill to try cranking out a 30 minute run, which I had just done at the end of that program, I barely last 5 minutes.  Say what?!?  I was so mad at myself.  I tried again the next day, same thing.  What happened?  Guess what, I was pregnant again.  I didn’t have any endurance built up, combine that with the exhaustion of my 1st trimester and I just didn’t have it in me to run. 

Now I have Mr. Tate, who is 5 1/2 months old, and I have no excuses not to try running again.  I have wanted to run a 5k for a very long time, and my sister has asked me to run a couple with her but I have not been ready to try getting to that point again … until now.  This virtual 5k is the perfect way for me to get in gear and actually run a 5k without the scariness of someone watching me the first time. 

I can’t decide if I should do C25K again or if I should just gradually lengthen my run time with walking, similar to what the program does.  Any suggestions?  I have less than 8 weeks, the program is 9 weeks long, although I would probably just attempt to run/walk every other day so would speed up the time frame of C25K.  What do you all think I should do? 

I’m giving this running thing one more shot.  If it doesn’t ‘catch’ then I’m going to get T25 and really kick my ass. #djv5k


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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tate At 5 Months



Tate at 5 months – definitely NOT a newborn anymore, he is full on BABY! 

-- Almost  sitting up by himself

-- Such a happy baby!  He smiles at anyone who will talk to him.

-- Can roll from tummy to back, sort of.  He has surprised himself a few times when he’s accidentally done it but still can’t do it willingly.  This means that he rolls over to his tummy in bed then gets stuck and mad before falling asleep sometimes.

-- Prefers to be on his tummy now, he can see around the room better that way.

-- Still refuses a bottle.

-- Strictly breastfeeding, will start cereal a week before his 6month check up so we can talk to his dr about it if things aren’t going well.

-- Went to the swimming pool for the first time, wasn’t too sure about it and hated when he got splashed in the face by other kids.

-- Still waking up once a night to eat, usually after 4 a.m.  Most nights he wakes up prior to that, has rolled over and needs put back on his back and pacifier in.  He’ll then sleep again until his 4 a.m. or later feeding.

-- He loves the entertainment that his brothers being home from school brings.

-- He found his squeal this month.  I was hoping he’d let one rip while at church but he never did (he has good manners), but at home he would squeal/shriek/scream so loud, it totally cracked me up!

-- Drool.  All the time.  Poor guy, those teeth must be doing some moving around but generally he’s happy through it all.

-- Tate at 5 months is such a happy little guy, I can’t say that enough!  He is always smiling, always squealing in delight, laughing out loud and giggling.  He only cries when hungry or to let me know he’s getting sleeping (or when his big brothers get a little too rough and crazy with him).  I have described him as a happy baby who is demanding.  Yes, he is so happy but he definitely requires a lot of attention, which I am more than happy to give him!  I don’t get much done around here during the day because I spend a lot of time snuggling, cuddling, kissing and playing with him.  But I don’t care, Tater will only be this age once, we’ll never have *this* day ever again, so I take advantage of being here with him and never take our time together for granted.


2014-06-22 19.37.36


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Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Week In Review


Last week was a busy, crazy week (which explains why I didn’t blog all week!).  We had so much fun, it was a perfect summer week!

It was our County Fair so we were there every day.  Aiden is in Clover Kids, the younger kid’s version of 4-H.  He was involved in the fair much more this year which made it even more fun and exciting than the past years.  Here’s our week in review:


I decided it was time to start decorating Tate’s room.  Yep, he’s 5 months old and his room is not decorated!  I feel awful about that.  All I can say about that is first I couldn’t decide what theme I wanted to go with (still have no idea really) and I didn’t have the time or ambition after he was born (or the nerve to take 3 boys from store to store looking for and buying supplies to make and decorate the room).  I decided I wanted those IKEA spice racks that everyone’s using for book shelves in their baby’s rooms.  I looked online, found them and figured out we would spend less money on them if Andy just made them himself.  We made a trip to the lumber store and Andy bought some wood to use to make them.  We came home and he whipped them up very quickly.  I had him make 4 – 2 for Tate’s room and 1 for each of the boys to hang by their beds for a book or two they might be reading at the time.  As of right now I have to get them painted still – I attempted to use spray paint but apparently I’m not good at that, or patient enough, so yesterday I bought some craft paint and will hopefully get those all painted up today so we can hang them this week.  They turned out awesome, though, and I feel so lucky to have a handy husband who make can make knock-off IKEA items.


While “we” were busy making the shelves a nice rain storm came through.  The sky after was gorgeous, I just had to take a few pics of it.  They didn’t do the coloring justice, the pinks were so much more vibrant that this shows.



Aiden signed up for a Clover Kids Goat Mentoring program this year.  He went to a local farm and an older 4-Her mentored him in how to show goats and a few goat facts (did you know they horns act as an air conditioning system for them? Cool!).  Monday they were able to show off their hard work by getting in the show ring and using their new skills to show the mentor’s goat. Aiden did awesome!  His goat stayed put the whole time and he answered the judge’s questions with a smile.


That night we went to the Tractor Pull at the grandstands.  Had a great time watching those tractors flying down the track!


My nephew is a year older than Aiden and was able to do the Sheep Mentoring program at the fair this year.  He also did a great job showing his older 4-Her’s sheep and had a great time!  We had fun watching him show and next year he’ll be able to show for real because he is now an official 4-Her himself! (4-H runs from 4th grade through 12th grade.)  We watched a little bit of the rodeo that night but I must admit, we don’t get rodeo clown humor.  It’s pretty cheesy. 


In addition to the goat mentoring, Aiden also signed up for the Rabbit Mentoring Program.  This one was a little less involved, we just had to meet up with the 4-Her the day of the show for 30 minutes.  But Aiden learned quite a bit in that short amount of time.  Aiden was paired up with 2 really great 4-Her’s, we were so lucky!  The rabbit mentor is a boy I babysat a few times when he was a baby, which is crazy to think about!  Again, Aiden had a great show and did really well with the judge.


That night we went to the Talent Show to watch our niece sing and play her guitar.  She did a great job getting up in front of all those people by herself.  After that we went to the Clover Kid’s Graduation where we watched our nephew, Charley, graduate.  He is the 3rd one in on the bottom row (the red head).  And below he is with Aiden, both in their 4-H shirts.



Tate went to spend the day with my mom to try to learn to take the bottle.  Mid-day I had Andy call to check in because I knew if I called and heard him crying I would want to rush out there and pick him up.  At 1 that day he’d had maybe an ounce of milk since 7:30 that morning.  But my mom said he was still a happy little guy, laying on the floor playing with his toes.  At 5:30 that night we met my mom, dad and Tate at the fair.  Tate only had that 1oz. all day long!  He still didn’t take the bottle!!!  Little stinker!  So we sat together in the car and nursed and cuddled and kissed each other.  We were pretty happy to see each other, I had missed him like crazy all day. That was our first time apart for more than an hour, it was really hard.  But he was a happy little guy the rest of the night so I don’t think he was too mad at me! 

Speaking of Tate, he LOVED the fair!  He was such a happy camper riding around in his stroller the whole week.  He met lots of people to flirt with, saw a lot of animals and enjoyed the awesome weather we had all week. 


The bottom pic is right before leaving that day, he was tuckered out!

We went to the Motocross event Thursday night.  It was actually really fun and exciting to watch, I’d never been to that before. The boys loved it, of course.  One of Aiden’s classmates was racing, he came in 2nd in the class we saw him in.  It was so fun!


We had our annual Friendly Friends Being Friendly Grill Out here.  We were down a couple, but we filled their spots with our kids this year.  We had some amazing food (jalapeno poppers, bacon wrapped chicken bites, avalanche bars, taco dip, veggies, spinach/artichoke dip, all yummy!!!), amazing people and tons of laughs!  The badminton tournament continued and we had a great time laughing at and watching those goons chase after the shuttle cock.  The kids all got along great and had fun having a water balloon fight. 


We went to my aunt and uncles and picked our first batch of sweet corn for the year.  We came home, shucked it and immediately chowed down on some for lunch!  It was so delicious, looking forward to having some for supper tonight again.


Last night the boys started their week long Vacation Bible School program. It runs Sunday through Thursday, 5:30-8 every night.  They both had fun last night and are looking forward to going again tonight.  I love VBS, it teaches such good morals and life lessons, plus it’s so much fun and gives the kids somewhere to go this late in July when most other day camps are all done for the summer.

Whew, what a busy week!  Glad we all survived!  This week? Time to catch up on sleep and blogging!


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